Do you take vitamins every day for your health and wellbeing? If you do, you’re a part of the 77% of Americans that take some form of vitamin supplementation every single day. The majority of those who do take their vitamins or supplements in pill-type form. Usually, that’s the cellulose capsule or hard-pressed tablet you can find on every single drug store shelf in America.

What if I told you that not only are those pills largely ineffective, but a waste of money as a result? The fact is that most pill-based vitamins are not giving you what they advertise for many reasons. On the other hand, liquid vitamins have a significantly higher bioavailability, absorption rate, and digestive tract flow, and are much easier to consume daily.

These are five reasons you should consider switching to liquid vitamins over pills.

1. Bioavailability

When you take any supplement, the expectationis that your body is going to utilize all of it. What ends up happening is that your body only uses a portion of the total amount ingested. How much of a nutrient or supplement is absorbed by the body is known as its bioavailability.

If you take your daily vitamins in pill form your body is going to absorb less than 30% of that dose. So, if you take a 500-milligram magnesium tablet before bed, you’re likely going to truly utilize only 200 milligrams or less. This varies and per person, depending on their digestive tract and stomach microbiota, as well as their age, sex, and the quality of the product. It’s really the fillers and binders that slow down a pills ability to be broken down and utilized fully by the body, which we’ll get into shortly.

2. Rate of Absorption

A factor that’s often overlooked when consuming any supplement is how long until it hits your bloodstream. This might not seem like much, because hey, you’re taking the vitamins after all, right? However, when it comes to the body, every second counts, especially if you’re taking them to fight an oncoming infection or boost your energy. The faster you can ingest a supplement and have it in your bloodstream, the sooner the body can go to work with it.

Pill-based vitamins usually take upwards of 30 minutes to hit the bloodstream, and in some cases, may not do so at all. (recall bioavailability!) Liquid vitamins hit the stomach lining and nearly immediately begin to be absorbed by the body to be used. And without those nasty fillers, the stomach and digestive tract don’t suffer in the long run.

3. Fillers & Binders

How do your pills stay that same oblong shape for, well, ever? The answer is in binders, fillers, and preservatives. Some of the most common ones you’ll see are cellulose, gelatin, carrageenan, and magnesium stearate. In low doses, they’re all relatively harmless, but when you’re taking half a dozen or more pills every day you must start to consider the cumulative effect on the body.

This can wreak havoc over time on the very thing you’re attempting to revitalize and protect. Many of these can lead to gastrointestinal distress over time, and it’s important to remember that the vitamin and supplement industry isn’t regulated by the FDA, so with certain manufacturers, you really don’t know how much or what you’re getting. Choosing a certified and conscientious brand is crucial when ingesting any substance.

4. Convenience

Being able to consume the nutrients your body needs to maintain homeostasis is hard in today’s food landscape. Compared to pills, liquid vitamins provide an easier and more effective way to get the vitamins your body needs every day. Liquid vitamins make that easier by providing superior absorption and utilization while making it easier for your gut to utilize them. And with CVD Crush’s convenient daily shot, getting the vitamins you need daily to operate at your best has never been easier.

5. Total Utilization

The combination of liquid vitamin’s bioavailability, absorption rate, and convenience factor allow the body to use them as close to their full potential as possible. A step below an IV, properly formulated liquid vitamins can’t be beaten when it comes to getting what the body needs totally and effectively.

CVD Crushes ingredients have been formulated to be able to provide your body with the building blocks of a sound mind and body. Ingredients such as zinc, vitamin B6 and B12, calcium ascorbate (vitamin C), and turmeric are just a few of the ingredients that make this possible.

The ability to take this as a daily shot eliminates the hassle, digestive issues, and ineffectiveness you’ll find among many pill vitamins out there. We give the body what it needs elegantly and precisely so you can be at your best every day.

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