Vitamin supplements are a great way to aid in health and wellness. If you need a simpler, more convenient way to take your vitamins, CVD Crush daily liquid vitamins can help you accomplish your goals.

With a new way to take vitamins, you are sure to see an improvement in your overall health and wellness. Keep reading to learn more about how liquid vitamin supplements are better than pill supplements.

Top Absorption Rates

Liquid vitamins offer some of the highest absorption rates among other forms of vitamin supplements out there. At CVD Crush, our liquid vitamin shot has a 96% absorption rate, whereas pills only have a 16% absorption rate (absorption rates may vary; pills generally range from 3-20%, while liquid vitamins can absorb up to 98%).

This form of supplement can help your body to take in more of the vitamin’s nutrients, allowing your body to utilize them in the right way. Liquid vitamin shots are a great option for those who have sensitive stomachs because they take less time to digest and be absorbed, whereas pill vitamins typically take more work for your body to break down.

No Supplement Mixing

A relieving perk to using liquid vitamin supplements or liquid vitamin shots is not having to worry about mixing your supplements incorrectly. Although vitamins and supplements can offer us exciting benefits, there are also ones you shouldn’t mix. When you’re taking traditional pill vitamins, you hold a risk of mixing the wrong ones. Getting your liquid vitamins from CVD Crush, you can be confident that you’re getting safe liquid vitamin shots. This immunity-boosting shot is a great daily vitamin consisting of A, C, D, E, Zinc, B6, B12, and Natural Caffeine from a Green Tea extract.

Great Taste

Pill vitamins can often leave a metallic taste in your mouth, while liquid vitamins usually give you the opposite effect. Being concentrated, you not only get great absorption, but also a great taste! A majority of liquid vitamin supplements can also be mixed with food. As bad taste can deter you from taking your supplements daily and remaining consistent, CVD Crush can offer you exceptional taste with our liquid vitamins, making it much easier to take your vitamins daily.

Ready To Drink

Convenience is key to staying consistent with taking your daily supplements. If you’re someone who enjoys travel or road trips, then having a liquid vitamin that’s ready to drink is essential. Keeping your supplements simple is a great way to take your vitamins quickly, and dependably. CVD Crush can provide you with several ways to take your vitamin supplements in a liquid form to focus on great absorption along with convenience. However, our ready-to-drink option gives you the flexibility you need to go about your day.

Whether you’re new to taking supplements or tired of your traditional pill vitamins, CVD Crush can offer you liquid vitamin supplements to help you improve your absorption which aids in your overall wellness. Purchase CVD Crush today!

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