There are few things more important than what we put into our bodies. To operate at your best, you need to supplement with the best. CVD Crush has been formulated with precisely the right ingredients to give your body the immunity and energy it needs to perform every day.

One way CVD Crush optimizes your daily immune and energy function is through potent, quality ingredients that are absorbed rapidly and nearly in their entirety by the body. Another way we do this is through ingredient synergy, the process when two or more ingredients cooperate in a way that emergent beneficial properties occur. In this article, we’re going to go over just a few of the many ingredients that make all of this possible.

The first and arguably most important nutrient in CVD Crush is zinc. Zinc is an integral trace element the body needs to perform a multitude of critical functions. Over 30 trillion micro-metabolic reactions take place in your body every single second, and every single one needs some trace of zinc to occur.

Protein synthesis (essential for maintaining muscle and growth), gene expression (necessary for optimal development), and enzyme reactions (daily processes) all need adequate amounts of zinc to occur. Most meats, poultry, seeds, nuts, and eggs all contain trace amounts of zinc.

Beyond trace minerals, vitamin B6 and B12 are another two ingredients that are important in daily energy and vitality. Both B6 and 12 share a role in maintaining healthy red blood cell production, the lack of which can lead to dysfunctional and irregular blood cells. Resultantly, with proper blood cell production, B6 and 12 contribute to healthy skin and hormone regulation.

One thing about B12, however, is that it is necessary for optimal brain function. B12 aids in the production of myelin, the transductive sheath around neurons that enable nerve communication. Having the combination of B6 and 12 is absolutely necessary to have healthy energy and vitality.

Next, is vitamin C. CVD Crush has been formulated with calcium ascorbate (CA), as opposed to just ascorbic acid (found in fruits, like oranges). CA contains a trace amount of calcium, approximately, a 1:10 ratio. The calcium, before it’s used to strengthen bones, helps buffer the acidic effects of traditional ascorbic acid on the stomach.

Vitamin D is the next crucial nutrient needed for immune health. The body has the remarkable capability to manufacture vitamin D with sunlight exposure, thanks to melanin in the skin. Many foods are fortified with vitamin D, especially in areas that don’t receive a lot of sun throughout the year. D2 and 3 are stored in the fat of the body are often found in fish, beef, and eggs.

Whether you get it via sunlight or your diet isn’t important. What’s important is that you get it. A vast majority of Americans are vitamin D deficient, and literature shows that’s a crucial predictor of severity and mortality from Covid-19.

The last, but by no means least, ingredient we’ll go over here is turmeric. Turmeric, a root in the ginger family, has astounded benefits for the body besides digestion and just tasting good in curry. It contains a variety of phenols from curcuminoids. Curcumin has been shown to play an integral part in reducing inflammation, a process at the root of most diseases and illnesses.

CVD Crush has many more important vitamins and nutrients. These are just a few major ones that need to be highlighted because of their importance in daily health functions. Be sure to look out for our future articles that dive deep into what’s behind our potent proprietary blend!

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