If you’ve read our other article on CVD Crush’s carefully crafted ingredients, you’ll know that the formulation we have provides your body with all it needs to function at its best daily. We chose all our ingredients with intention, and we chose the best versions of each for your benefit.

In this article, we’re going to hone in on three main, critical ingredients: zinc, calcium ascorbate, and vitamin D, and what they do for your body.


If you’re not taking zinc daily, you might be zinc deficient, if you don’t get enough from your diet. What are some examples of zinc deficiency? Wounds that won’t heal, brain fog, lack of alertness, diarrhea and weight loss. I know, not pretty. People who need zinc the most are going to be pregnant women and the elderly.

When taken in adequate amounts, what does zinc do for the body and how? First of all, your body cannot produce or store it, which is known as an essential nutrient. CVD Crush utilizes a form known as zinc gluconate, a form curated from the fermentation of glucose.

As far as what it does for the body, a better question might be what doesn’t zinc do for the body? Its presence is needed for over 300 different enzymatic reactions in the body, is a crucial trace mineral in DNA synthesis and production, and aids in sexual health, muscular development, and immune system function. It’s kind of a big deal!

Calcium Ascorbate (Vitamin C)

The next ingredient we’re going to dive deep into is vitamin C, which in our formulation comes as calcium ascorbate. What makes calcium ascorbate different from other forms, like ascorbic acid? The added benefits of calcium in it aids in bone health and immune function and acts synergistically with vitamin C to bolster the body’s ability to fight infections.

Additionally, calcium ascorbate acts as a natural preservative for the formulation as a whole, so no need for artificial or detrimental preservatives that would harm the body over time. Calcium ascorbate is actually a salt, as compared to its counterpart in acid form. This is easier on the stomach lining and maintains the pH balance of the body.

If you don’t get enough vitamin C through your diet, then it’s possible you are deficient, and that could lead you to be susceptible to infections of all kinds. Taking vitamin C in this form not only bolsters your body’s ability to maintain homeostasis but fights and defends from oncoming infections.

Vitamin D

Our last ingredient in this deep dive is vitamin D, arguably the most important next to zinc. Vitamin D deficiency, a leading factor in Covid-19 disease mortality and severity, affects nearly 50% of Americans. On a larger scale, over 1 billion people are vitamin D deficient.

Many people being shuttered in their homes over the past year has been a huge contributor to this, due to the body’s ability to synthesize vitamin D from sunlight via melanin in the skin. Places that geographically get less sun year-round, like the northern part of the United States in the fall and winter months, have significantly higher rates of vitamin D deficiency. Do you live there? If so, stock up!

What does vitamin D do for the body exactly? One important function is regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorous, again playing into this tactic we employ with CVD Crush called ingredient synergy.

Considering its role in calcium absorption, vitamin D is critical in maintaining bone health in people of all ages, especially in the elderly and children. Without enough vitamin D, bones can become brittle, misshapen, and likelier to break in the event of even just a mild fall.

Many enzymes depend on vitamin D for cell growth, repair, and proliferation, as well as apoptosis, the process in which cells die and are recycled. All of this is needed to maintain a healthy body, and without enough vitamin D, the body can quickly degenerate and suffer from a myriad of issues.

These are just three of the ingredients we have in our potent blend of nutrients and vitamins in CVD Crush. Their importance in your body’s health and wellbeing cannot be overlooked, which is why we formulated CVD Crush to give you what you need quickly, easily, and daily to function at your best.

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