The human body is a complex, dynamic, and ever-adapting organism. It has over 30 trillion alive, active cells that are constantly undergoing a variety of different processes to sustain life.

In fact, 37 billion billion chemical reactions occur every single second. (37 x 21 zeros!) Yes, that’s a billion billion. What nutrients are needed to catalyze and sustain these innumerable processes? Where does one even start? A good place to start as any is at the beginning of the alphabet, with Vitamin A.

But don’t let the moniker fool you though, because Vitamin A is actually the name for a group of fat-soluble compounds found in both plant and animal products. Being fat-soluble means that, like vitamins D, E, and K, Vitamin A is stored in the fat of the body for future use.

If you get Vitamin A from plants, you’ll be getting it as provitamin A carotenoids. This version takes slightly more work from the body to utilize as compared to the version found in animal products, preformed vitamin A. In either case, the body converts it to its active forms of retinal and retinoic acid after ingestion.

Which brings us to the number one reason you should have vitamin A—optimal eye health! If you could guess from the name, retinal plays an important role in eye health. The active form of Vitamin A combines with an available protein in the eyes to create rhodopsin, a crucial pigment for seeing in purplish-red and low-light vision.

That’s why you might’ve heard people tell you that carrots are good for your eyes. They contain the provitamin A carotenoids that are later converted into critical molecules and pigments for vision. But if only it were as simple as eating more carrots! Or maybe it is?

If you’re not getting enough Vitamin A in your diet, the lack of beta-carotene in the blood can lead to macular degeneration over time. Macular degeneration is the entropy of the light-sensing nerve tissues in the eye and is most often related to aging.

You can avoid all of this mess by having more Vitamin A! CVD Crush has been formulated as a liquid vitamin with beta-carotene to ease the body’s absorption of this important vitamin. And keep in mind that as a liquid vitamin the availability of this form of vitamin A is upwards of 95%.

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for eye function and overall wellbeing. Getting an adequate amount regularly is absolutely vital if you want to keep those 37 billion billion reactions running smoothly. So go ahead, and grab a CVD Crush shot today!

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