There are a lot of problems in the vitamin industry these days. From diluted vitamin solutions to inadequately formulated multivitamins, to ineffective pressed tablets that aren’t absorbed and include outright carcinogenic fillers and binders. It seems as though no matter where you look you can’t find a clean, simple, and effective daily vitamin. That’s why we formulated CVD Crush to give you what you need quickly, easily, and safely.

To better understand why CVD Crush is such an effective supplement, we have to define the inherent problems that face the vitamin industry today. We’ll focus on three main factors that plague the vast majority of vitamins on shelves today: bioavailability, rate of absorption, and fillers and binders.

Top 3 Reason to Switch to Liquid Vitamins


The portion of the total substance introduced to the body that is actually absorbed is a product’s bioavailability. Consider this—if you take a 1,000 milligram vitamin C tablet, how much is your body truly utilizing? 100%? 50%? You’ll be shocked to find out that on average less than 25% of that tablet is absorbed by the body.

Why does this happen? There are a multitude of factors at play, including a person’s microbiome, digestive health, and overall metabolism to name a few. Additionally, as we’ll get into shortly, various fillers and binders intended to extend shelf life make it hard for the body to break down and use many pill-based vitamins effectively.

Liquid vitamins, in contrast, are immediately available to the body and have an absorption rate upwards of 95%. They go straight to the stomach lining and bloodstream with little to no potency loss.

Rate of Absorption

Not to be confused with a product’s bioavailability, the rate at which a substance is absorbed into the body is another important factor in vitamin supplementation. Back to that vitamin C tablet—how long until your body can use it? 10 minutes? 30 minutes? An hour?

You can safely assume that most pills will take at least 30 minutes to hit the bloodstream, but some hard tablets can take up to an hour or more and some may not even be absorbed at all. This is one of the biggest drawbacks when taking pill vitamins and is often overlooked.

As for liquid vitamins, without a hard outer shell or structure that must be broken down by the body, they hit a person’s bloodstream in just a few minutes or less. So if you’re looking to get your vitamins quickly to fight an oncoming infection, it’s best to take them in liquid form.

Fillers & Binders

How do your pills stay that same oblong shape for, well, ever? The answer is in fillers, binders, and preservatives. Some of the most common ones you’ll see are cellulose, gelatin, carrageenan, and magnesium stearate. In low doses, they’re all relatively harmless, but when you’re taking half a dozen or more pills every day you have to start considering the cumulative effect on the body and many of these can lead to major gastrointestinal distress over time.

It’s important to remember that the vitamin and supplement industry isn’t regulated by the FDA, so with certain unreliable manufacturers, you really don’t know how much or what you’re getting. This can lead to sketchy supplements overpromising and underdelivering, ultimately leading you and your body to suffer.

CVD Crush & Leading the Liquid Vitamin Revolution

As we’ve shown, liquid vitamins are far superior to their pill counterparts. This is why at Champion Vitamin Designs, we formulated our proprietary blend with you and your health in mind.

Liquid vitamins triumph in giving you what your body needs quickly, easily, and safely, and CVD Crush was made to give your body the daily immune and energy boost it needs to function at its best!

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