Turmeric at a Glance & Why We Use It

If you’re into personal wellness, you might have heard the quote, “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” One such food that checks both of those boxes is the medicinal and outright magical turmeric root.

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CVD Crush’s Caffeine Quality

In this article, we’re taking a quick look at caffeine, its effects, and what kind we utilize in our formulation. As a daily energy and immunity shot, CVD Crush provides your body with the energy it needs to function and perform throughout the day. Let me explain how.

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CVD Crush Ingredients Deep Dive

We chose our ingredients with intention, for your benefit. In this article, we hone in on three main, critical ingredients: zinc, calcium ascorbate, and vitamin D, and what they do for your body.

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5 Reasons Liquid Vitamins Crush Pills

Most pill-based vitamins are not giving you what they advertise. On the other hand, liquid vitamins have a significantly higher bioavailability, absorption rate, and digestive tract flow, and are much easier to consume daily.

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5 Reasons CVD Crush Crushes the Competition

CVD Crush is revolutionizing the liquid vitamin industry with the world’s first liquid vitamin shot. You might be wondering, “How is this different from other energy and vitality shots?” Here are five reasons CVD Crush crushes the competition.

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Why You Need to Switch to Liquid Vitamins

There are a lot of problems in the vitamin industry these days. From diluted vitamin solutions to inadequately formulated multivitamins, it seems as though no matter where you look, you can’t find a clean, simple, and effective daily vitamin.

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Liquid Vitamins vs. Pill Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin supplements are a great way to aid in health and wellness. If you need a simpler, more convenient way to take your vitamins, CVD Crush daily liquid vitamins can help you accomplish your goals. Here's how liquid vitamins differ from pill vitamin supplements.

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What’s in CVD Crush?

CVD Crush is an innovative, delicious liquid vitamin shot. Packed with all the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs to be strong, healthy, and support your active lifestyle. CVD Crush is a one-of-a-kind premixed liquid vitamin that you can take anywhere. 

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